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Core Books

Product Description
Spheres of Power
Spheres of Power is an alternative magic system with long roots in the D20 fantasy space, here adapted to 5th edition fantasy and presented for your tabletop games. Within these pages you’ll find not only a completely new way to handle magic in your 5e games, but also find the tools you need to rebuild magic from the ground up to suit your needs.

Magic lies at the heart of not only a great many characters, but also a great many worlds, and far too often it is limited by the available rules. What if a player wants to adapt a concept from their favorite video game, anime, tv show, or book that doesn’t rely on traditional fantasy tropes? What if a game designer wants to create a world far outside the assumed setting, where magic comes from communion with moon spirits summoned to fight for the caster, or where magic-users do battle with physically-manifested words of the first language?

Within these pages, you’ll find the tools you need to not only create all-new character concepts, but also to adapt magic to fit the needs of your story and your world. Want to be a martial artist that controls elemental forces through movement? A magical girl fueled by friendship and battling with telekinetically-thrown mountains? A chemist who gains the power of nature through ingesting captured souls? All this and more is possible with Spheres of Power and its unique combination of Magic Spheres and Casting Traditions.

With 5 new base classes and adaptation rules for all core classes, Spheres of Power can easily be used right next to the core magic rules or can completely replace them as you see fit.

Come see for yourself what Spheres of Power can do for you and your games!
Spheres of Might
There’s so much more to martial combat than swinging a sword, and so much more to non-magic characters than waiting for the next fight.

Spheres of Might is a new approach to building martial characters in your fantasy games, here updated and adapted for 5th edition fantasy. With 22 Martial spheres at your disposal, Spheres of Might grants incredible new options to your martial characters, whether you are a hulking berzerker, a cunning scoundrel, a charismatic leader of soldiers, and more. These martial spheres can be bought into with subclasses, feats, or 7 new base classes, letting you build virtually any martial combatant you desire, giving them not only new and engaging tactical options, but also letting any character become as useful outside of combat as they are inside.

Within this book, you’ll find:

7 New Classes — including the armiger, the artisan, the alter ego, the commander, the conscript, the scholar, and the striker.

22 Combat Spheres — granting a host of new abilities based on concept, including alchemy, athletics, barrage, barroom, beastmastery, berserker, brute, dual wielding, equipment, fencing, gladiator, guardian, leadership, retribution, scoundrel, scout, shield, sniper, tinker, trap, warleader, and wrestling.

Legendary Talents — for when games deserve to become truly epic, legendary talents allow games to reach beyond the gritty to truly mythical proportions, including leaping mountains, stealing skills, and bending armies of monsters to your will through sheer force of personality.

And much, much more!
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