Snipers specialize in making accurate shots, even over great distances.

All practitioners of the Sniper sphere gain the following abilities:

Deadly Aim

When making a ranged attack, including spell attacks, that has advantage, you may reroll one of the two attack roll dice once. This cannot stack with other similar benefits from feats or abilities.

Snipe Shot

Some talents are marked (snipe). As a special attack, you may add the effects of a single (snipe) talent you possess to a ranged attack made with a thrown or ranged weapon.

Combat Rule Reminder

Scoot Shot

You can make a ranged attack roll against an AC of 10 to scoot an unattended Tiny-sized object 10 feet away from you.

Sniper Basic Talents

Snipe Talents

Bouncing Shot (snipe)

You may expend your martial focus to bounce your attack off of the ceiling, floor, or wall to attack a protected target. This allows your attack to turn once at whatever surface it is bouncing off of and strike a target. A bounced surface does not take damage, and you use the total distance traveled (including to and between bounced surfaces) when determining range.

Head Shot (snipe)

You take careful aim for a weak spot on the target and exploit it.

When making a head shot, you cannot make additional attacks from the Extra Attack class feature. Instead, increase the damage of this attack by +1d8 for each additional attack you otherwise would have been able to make through the Extra Attack class feature. Multiattack counts as Extra Attack for the purpose of head shot; only ranged attacks after the first are calculated when determining additional damage. If this attack deals at least 50% of the creature’s current hit points, you may expend your martial focus to force the target to make a successful Constitution saving throw or immediately drop to 0 hit points.

Hindering Projectiles (snipe)

Your successful ranged attack leaves the weapon or ammunition lodged in the wound, making it difficult for the target to move and react. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw or have disadvantage on all attack rolls until it takes an action to remove the weapon or ammunition.

Piercing Shot (snipe)

Your attack pierces the target and can strike another creature in line behind it. You must be able to trace a line starting at your space and passing through both targets to make this additional attack. The secondary attack roll is made with disadvantage and cannot extend to long-range. If the secondary attack also successfully damages its target, the projectile can continue to hit a third target.

Pinning Shot (snipe)

On a successful attack, the target must pass a Dexterity saving throw or be grappled until it spends an action to remove the weapon or ammunition.

Push Shot (snipe)

On a successful attack, the target is pushed back 5 feet. If this movement would force a creature into a solid object, they instead fall prone.

Targeted Assault (snipe)

You may expend your martial focus to ignore the target’s resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Weapon Shot (snipe)

On a successful attack, the target must succeed on a Strength or Dexterity saving throw (its choice) or drop a held weapon or other held item of your choosing. The target has advantage on this saving throw if the object is held in two hands. The item lands up to 10 feet away in a direction of your choice.

If making a scoot shot against an unattended object with this talent, you may move it 10 feet in any direction rather than only away from you, even catching it if you have a hand free and are close enough.

Other Talents

Deadly Shot

When making a snipe shot, you may choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If you do so and the attack hits, it deals +10 damage.

Far Shot

Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.

Intercepting Shot

You may ready a ranged attack to intercept another ranged attack. You cannot intercept spell attacks or massive ranged weapons such as boulders or ballista bolts unless you are using such a massive weapon yourself somehow. Make an attack as normal. If your attack roll is higher than the attack roll of the attack you are intercepting, their attack is negated.

You may expend martial focus to use this ability as a reaction.

Perfect Shot

You may expend martial focus as a bonus action to grant yourself advantage on your next ranged weapon attack before the end of your turn.

Shift Position

If you move no more than 5 feet on your turn, you may regain your martial focus as a bonus action.

Trap Technician

You can expend your martial focus to attempt to disable a trap with a ranged attack as if using thieves tools, substituting your attack roll for an ability check.

Sniper Legendary Talents

Fragmenting Shot

Prerequisites: Sniper sphere (Head Shot), 7th level or higher.

If you reduce the target to 0 hit points through the Head Shot talent, it must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be instantly killed as its head (or equivalent body part) explodes in a shower of gore. Each creature within 10 feet of the target must pass a successful Dexterity saving throw or be blinded for 1 minute or until they spend an action cleaning the guts from their eyes.

Phasic Shot

Prerequisites: Sniper sphere (Perfect Shot), 15th level or higher.

Your shot is fired with such force and deadly accuracy that it cuts through the very bonds of reality, ignoring cover (including total cover) between it and its target, including effects that hinder ranged attacks such as the wind wall spell or the monk’s deflect missiles ability. If you possess the Star Scraper legendary talent, you may attack a target anywhere within its advanced range, even if they are completely enclosed by protective surfaces. However, you must still have a reliable means of ascertaining your target’s exact location. This is a magical effect.

Star Scraper (snipe)

Prerequisites: Sniper sphere (Perfect Shot), 11th level or higher.

As a bonus action, you can impose disadvantage on a ranged attack to increase your weapon’s base range to 1 mile. You can attack a target without having line of sight or line of effect to them, ignoring any cover they possess, provided there is at least some form of straight open path between you and them, even if that path must go over a mountain or some other sort of large obstacle. However, you must have an accurate idea of the target’s location, such as by being signaled by a flying ally or informed of the target’s location and movements via a spell. Creatures who are completely enclosed by protective surfaces, such as creatures inside a castle room with no windows, cannot be targeted by this effect.


Close Quarters Shooter

You may only apply (snipe) talents to attacks against targets within 30 feet. You gain the Perfect Shot talent as a bonus talent.

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