Barrage practitioners specialize in using ranged weapons to make fast shots, often from the middle of the melee itself.

All practitioners of the Barrage sphere gain the following ability:


As a special attack, you may make a ranged attack with a thrown or ranged weapon, then make an additional ranged attack with that weapon as a bonus action. You may choose to resolve this bonus action attack before your other attack or attacks. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of this bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.

The attack made as a special attack and this bonus action attack are together referred to as your ‘barrage.’ Some talents are marked (blitz). You may apply one (blitz) to a barrage. You must meet the prerequisite conditions for the (blitz) if there are any.

Barrage Basic Talents

Blitz Talents

Distracting Shot (blitz)

You may intentionally miss with your bonus action attack in order to manipulate your opponent’s movements. Instead of making your bonus action attack, you instead give yourself advantage on your other attack made as part of your barrage.

Mixed Barrage (blitz)

You may replace your bonus action attack with a melee attack or a shove.

Redirection (blitz)

When making a barrage, you may sacrifice your bonus action attack to instead strike one of your other weapon attacks, changing its course mid-flight. This attack may turn once up to 90 degrees, allowing you to strike around corners, bypass cover, or perform other, similar feats.

Spinning Shot (blitz)

You may expend your martial focus to make two attacks as a bonus action instead of one. However, each attack of your barrage must all be made against different targets.

Suppressing Fire (blitz)

Instead of making your bonus action attack, you fire two wild shots. The target may choose to dodge these attacks, in which case they automatically miss, but the target has its movement speed reduced by half and suffers a -2 penalty on Perception checks and attack rolls until the end of their next turn. The target can choose not to avoid these attacks, in which case you may roll both attacks normally (but with disadvantage), and the target doesn’t suffer the penalties.

Other Talents

Battlefield Scavenger

When collecting non-firearm ammunition after it has been used in combat, you recover three-quarters of all spent ammunition rather than half. You may draw a thrown weapon or a piece of ammunition from the environment or a dead creature as part of the same action used to make a ranged attack with it, or even a living creature within reach, though they are allowed a Dexterity saving throw to prevent it. On a failed saving throw, you may extract as many thrown weapons or pieces of ammunition as you desire from the target creature, up to the total amount present, and the target suffers 1d4 points of slashing damage per piece of ammunition extracted.

Your attack action is wasted on a successful saving throw, as you couldn’t secure the ammunition required to make your intended attacks.

If you possess the Scoundrel sphere, you may apply a (trick) talent to the act of pulling ammunition from a creature.

Blitz Focus

Whenever you hit with at least two attacks while making a barrage, you regain your martial focus.

Blowback Barrage

When you strike the same target at least twice with the same barrage, that target must make a successful Strength saving throw or be pushed backward 5 feet. If this movement would force a creature into a solid object, they instead fall prone.

Hammering Shots

You may expend your martial focus when making a barrage. If you do so, your bonus action attacks may add your ability modifier to their damage rolls.

Vigilant Sharpshooter

As long as you have martial focus, you may make opportunity attacks with a ranged weapon you are wielding, treating it as if it were a melee weapon with the Reach quality.

Barrage Legendary Talents

Cone of Death

Prerequisites: Barrage sphere (Spinning Shot), 5th level or higher.

As an action, you may expend your martial focus to make one attack against every creature within a 30-foot cone. You must have a piece of ammunition for each target, as normal, and make a separate attack roll for each target.

Ceaseless Ammo

Prerequisites: Barrage sphere.

So long as you have at least 10 pieces of ammunition of a particular non-magical type, you may fire as many pieces of that ammunition as you desire without actually expending your ammunition.

When the combat is finished, you cannot retrieve more pieces of ammunition than you had before the combat began; you always end the combat with the same amount of ammunition you started with. This is a magical effect.

Stair Shot

Prerequisites: Barrage sphere.

As an action, you may expend 10 pieces of ammunition from a ranged weapon to create a staircase of arrows/bolts. There must be a wall, cliff, or another suitable mostly-vertical surface for you to use when creating a staircase of arrows, and the staircase cannot extend more than 5 feet per level, but you may choose its shape (going straight across or up or down as desired, but no steeper than 45 degrees in either direction). You may expend your martial focus to perform this maneuver as a reaction, such as to build a platform to stop someone from falling.

This only functions with weapons that fire arrows, bolts, or other appropriate ammunition and does not have the loading property.

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