All Classes

The following variants are available to any class in the game that possesses the enhanced feature.

Fighting Style Options

1st-level or higher feature (enhances Fighting Style)

When you gain the Fighting Style feature, the following options are also added to the list of style options available to you.

Magic Spheres Adept

Prerequisites: You must have an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score of 13 or higher to select this style option.

You gain a casting tradition. You do not, however, gain any spell points. If you already possess the casting feature or gain it later, you may exchange this benefit to instead gain 1 bonus magic talent of your choice.

Martial Spheres Apprentice

You gain a bonus martial talent. If you don’t possess it already, you gain the ability to achieve martial focus.

Natural Weapon Fighting

When you attack using only natural weapons (bites, claws, slams, etc.), you score a critical hit on a roll of a 19 or 20.

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